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Herpes Tumors & Viruses Evolved To Learn How To Influence The Same Old RNA

Herpes viral infections utilize the old genetic material discovered in the human genome to reproduce, mirroring the same procedure tumors have been discovered to influence, Mount Sinai scientists for the first time have shown. These observations offer additional insight about how herpes viruses can influence the immune system in methods that might drive neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s, as per the study, posted in Nature Communications.

The scientists discovered that herpes viruses seem to influence an old RNA species that originated million years back, dubbed as HSATII RNA (human satellite II RNA). HSATII RNA is ordinarily inactive, but both cancer cells and herpes viruses have importantly learned to activate it, employing this RNA to influence their surroundings to assist them grow and invade the body. The scientists think that both cancer cells and viruses understood how to employ this RNA since they both rapidly develop to test out various tactics to spread and multiply over time within the body.

On a related note, a new generation of widely neutralizing antibodies offers a novel method for treating HIV disease. The research group of Prof Florian Klein has joined hands with scientists at the University Hospital Cologne and Rockefeller University in New York to examine the affect of combining such antibodies in patients suffering from HIV. Prof Klein is also the researcher at the German Center for Infection Research and Director of the Institute of Virology at the University Hospital Cologne. Two articles on the outcomes of this medical test have now been posted in Nature Medicine and Nature.

Antiretroviral drugs are the essential elements for effective regulation of HIV infection. Due to the rapid growth of viral resistance in opposition to single agents, these drugs require to be managed in combination. While the presently approved drugs are extremely active inhibitors of viral replication, they need life-long and daily dosing.

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