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Tidal’s Supposedly Fake Streaming Numbers Below Probe In Norway

Authorities at Norway have started a probe into reports that number of Tidal’s streams never took place, claimed the local media. The National Authority for Investigation and Prosecution of Economic and Environmental Crime at Norway, Økokrim, is performing a probe after reports surfaced in May 2018 that 320 Million streams of Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo and Beyoncé’s Lemonade were fraudulent.

If true, increasing the figures of streams that every album got might artificially elevate the royalty payments for every artist. The same month that reports surfaced about the false streaming gigues, Tidal was supposedly lagging months to 3 major record firms on its royalty payments. The streaming service has also been blamed of inflating its general user numbers to 1 Million from 350,000.

The probe, which has been in progress since last winter, started after four music organizations in Norway filed police reports in light of the accusations. Media claims that that Økokrim is believed to have already cross-checked 4 ex-Tidal workers for 25 Hours.

Speaking of streaming services, as increasing video viewing behavior shifts to streaming services, some firms will plausible get more cunning about how to carry on making advertising income that might otherwise have originated from old-school ads. Hulu and AT&T earlier claimed that they are both mulling over a new kind of ad that might run when you stop a video, such as a movie on Hulu or a TV show on DirectTV, as per a media report.

“As on-demand streaming starts, it is obvious that users are going to wish to pause,” claimed Hulu’s head of advertising and vice president, Jeremy Helfand, to the media in an interview. As per Helfand, Hulu will launch the supposed “pause ad” sometime in 2019. Helfand claims that the pause will offer a normal break in the user experience.

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