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Astronauts Get Ready Their Journey To International Space Station

Christina Koch and Nick Hague, astronauts from NASA have been appointed to get into Soyuz capsule along with their companion from Russia. They would then launch from Kazakhstan and leave for International Space Station for the next six months. These three people have successfully completed their final tests which is a series of tests for astronauts to check whether or not they are ready for their flight. The tests are extremely difficult and people often fail in those.

Astronauts are sure more than half of the times that things would go wrong. Hague and Alexey Ovchinin, a veteran cosmonaut from Russia are confident. Back in October 2011, they were inside the Soyuz capsule when the launch had to be stopped due to some unknown anomaly. Hague and Alexey, however, came out safe after their 30 minutes trip back to the earth surface. All the credits go to their rigorous training.

This year, once again, they would take an attempt along with Christina on March 14. The launch would take place from Baikonur Cosmodrone, located in Kazakhstan. Hague has already expressed his excitement. Last time, they could experience only 2 minutes post the launch. Now they would get full 2014 days for their stay in space. Since the failure of the 1st launch, Hague had put all his energy into the training and been with his family.

Later Hague mentioned that more than the astronauts, the ground team back on earth and their individual families support them more. The experience is of all of the together. For Koch, this is the first time for flight. She had done the training for 5 long years and now cannot wait to put all her knowledge into work. She feels proud of contributing to the program. Several colleagues from NASA have helped her prepare better in her last few days before the flight.

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