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NASA And SpaceX Target February For The Vital Demo-1 Flight

NASA and the Space Exploration Technologies Corp of Elon Musk are aiming “no earlier than Feb” for a vital Demo-1 flight, as per the blog post of the agency. Earlier, the test was scheduled January 17, although Musk, in early January, in a tweet, stated that the test was around a month away.

Boeing and SpaceX have a deal to carry American astronauts to the ISS as a component of what’s called as the Commercial Crew program with the US space agency. The coming year will see a number of vital experiments. Demo-1 flight of SpaceX will be the maiden flight of a novel craft called Crew Dragon, without any astronauts aboard.

In a blog post, the US space agency mentioned, “Now SpaceX and NASA are aiming no date prior to February for the liftoff of the Demo-1 to accomplish hardware testing as well as joint reviews.” It further stated, “SpaceX and NASA will verify a new target date after corresponding with the Eastern Range and the ISS Program.”

On the other end, the Space Exploration Technologies Corp of SpaceX has also outset what seems to be a hectic 2019 by lifting off a rocket bearing satellites into orbit for its longtime client Iridium Communications Inc. The Falcon 9 rocket was launched at 7:31 am on Jan 11 from Vandenberg Air Force Base on the central coast of California, holding ten Iridium NEXT satellites.

The company started launching them into orbit around after an hour at an altitude of approximately 390 mi and accomplished the operation within 15 Min. They are the final of 75 satellites that substitute the prevailing network of Iridium for commercial communications. The company landed the first stage of the rocket in the Pacific Ocean on a drone ship.

Every satellite in the latest Iridium network bears tools for Aireon LLC that states its space-based service will offer constant airline flight coverage worldwide.

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