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Uber Includes A “Clean Air Fee” In London To Assist Drivers Get EVs

Residents of London who employ Uber will have to spend an additional 15 Pence (almost USD $0.19) for every mile below the ride-hail firm’s new Clean Air strategy that was declared this week. The price will go toward assisting Uber drivers switch from fossil fuel burning & dirty cars to battery-electric & cleaner versions. This is done with the goal of having all vehicles on the application to be completely electric by 2025 in London.

The average trip in London is almost 3 Miles (around 4.8 Km), so users can anticipate to spend additional 45 Pence (almost USD $0.58) for each ride. All drivers in London are entitled to get cash payments from Uber to assist them buy an electric vehicle.

Uber claims that the amount of money the drivers will get toward the price of an EV will be decided on the distance they have driven on the application. For instance, a driver employing the app for 40 Hours per week on an average can anticipate almost £3,000 (around $3,865) in time period of two years and £4,500 (around $5,787) in 3 Years.

On a related note, Uber drivers in the US might be out of luck pursuing class action court cases that may force the firm to consider them as workers. They may, on the other hand, get something for their trouble. The media has learned that Uber has provided a tentative negotiation to those drivers who have pursued separate arbitration lawsuits over their employee status.

Uber will pay them 11 Cents for each mile they have driven at the time of these trips (comprising for services such as Uber Eats). On the other hand, drivers will also have to drop all employee misclassification claims in opposition to Uber. Whether or not the negotiation goes through relies on sufficient arbitration-related drivers inking the contract.

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