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Twitter Launches Reverse-Chronological Feature For Android

Twitter launched its conventional reverse-chronological timeline earlier to iOS, and now the optional function is accessible to Android consumers in a new upgrade. It is a welcome option that conveys back some stability to the feed on Twitter. Twitter turned to an algorithm-supported timeline 4 Years back at the time when social networks such as Instagram and Facebook were trialing with how best to show feeds to consumers.

Similar to iOS, Android consumers can switch between viewing leading tweets and the newest tweets first by clicking on the sparkle logo on the app’s on top right corner, and getting back to their favorite timeline view.

The function was long-awaited by consumers who chose to employ Twitter for its initial feature of keeping up in real time with live events, such as awards ceremonies and sports. It is still not going to eliminate the occasional notification that allows you know your friends liked a post or maddening “In case you missed it” tweets.

On a related note, females have been telling Twitter for a long time that they tolerate a lot of mistreatment on the website. A new research from Amnesty International (the human rights watchdog) attempts to evaluate the degree of it. And it turns out to be a lot.

About 7% of the tweets that famous females in journalism and government receive were found to be problematic or abusive. Female of color were 34% more expected to be targets as compared to white females. Black females particularly were 84% more expected as compared to white females to be cited in problematic posts. After an examination that ultimately comprised almost 15 Million posts, Amnesty International issued the results and in its report, dubbed as Twitter as a toxic place for women. The organization has turned its aim on tech companies lately.

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