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Facebook’s Newest Trick To Bring Back Teens Is A Meme App Dubbed As LOL

Facebook’s apparently never-concluding quest to make itself attractive to teens, young handset owners has now led to an app dubbed as LOL. As per media, LOL is a simple piece of software sporting a feed of GIFs and memes segmented by topics such as “pranks,” “animals,” and Facebook is presently testing it with 100 users from high school with the permission of their parents. It appears that LOL’s design is suggestive of Discover tab in Snapchat, and it will provide algorithmically curated bunches of videos that consumers can scroll with the help of an interaction akin to switching via Instagram Stories, with reaction and share buttons below.

As per media, LOL at the moment is being deployed as a replacement for Facebook Watch, the firm’s video-focused tab that has a bunch of professional and consumer-generated clips from traditional entertainment companies, news organizations, and shows ordered straightly by Facebook.

On a related note, Facebook earlier quietly rolled out an application dubbed as Lasso that allows people to create short, fun videos developed to vie against TikTok, the viral 15-second video application that lately amalgamated with Lasso is the newest bid by Facebook to win over teenagers, which the huge social media website has lost its command over. This year, only 50% of teens claim that they still utilize Facebook, against 2014, when 71% of them claimed that they did. The application was first reported as in-progress in late October 2018.

On Lasso, people can record themselves lip-syncing and dancing to music, analogous to what they used to do on TikTok. The application also allows consumers record short videos such as Vines. It is obtainable on Android and iOS. Facebook informed the media: “Lasso is a latest standalone application for entertaining, short-form videos—from beauty to comedy to fitness and much more. We are eager about the capability here, and we will be collecting feedback from creators and people.”

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